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A first look at the "Wagenschein Homepage" in Internet

A preliminary remark and lousy excuse:

In 2001, when this homepage was born, Internet was in its first adolescence and the author was practising simple programming because a) simple computers had to be fed by modem and b) he even today has never learned to handle the facilities of modern Internet. Thus the whole stuff looks rather dusty dry and is still looking a bit confused - but on the other hand, no sponsoring, no advertising popping up (but - see below...)! And this translation is just beginning and not yet revised...oh no! Lucky me! I got a young man from the States who started to look for my mistakes...

Welcome to the page dedicated to the collection of information on Martin Wagenschein, partially spread over Internet and elsewhere, scarcely detectable by any search engine (and naturally not by the editor of this homepage!) fortunately there are many resources outside of the Internet!

As mentioned earlier: This homepage looks rather oldfashioned but on the other hand it is undergoing constant updates. It is not complete and likely never will be...
If you have any questions or information you would like to share with us (or the "Wagenschein community") please write an E-Mail and we will insert it as soon as possible.
A technical comment: To view files marked with [PDF] you will need to have "Acrobat Reader" ™ or an equivalent installed on your computer.

Another comment: this home page is intentionally free of advertising, but there are some enterprises using robots to look for faults in other homepages as eg. dead links laying their cuckoo's eggs there... If you notify that - report, please!
What's new?

Table of contents:

1. Commons to Martin Wagenschein

1.1. News

For this section we go by the philosophy that all information is initially accepted but immediately removed if it is proved to be false or otherwise fictitious.

1.2. Information Desk

Here you find "Links" to other entrances by Internet, without guarantee for actuality and completeness. Google is more comprehensive (by now 72'200 entries)! If you miss yourself, contact us!

1.3. Contributions about Wagenschein

We like to publish works and contributions of authors who give us the permission to do so. As of this time we have only published works in the German language - please help us to change this!.

1.4. Pros and Cons

Until now, there are only "official" statements from periodicals. Additionally I have delivered an overwiew on that subject.

2. The Wagenschein Archive

is the main topic.
If you show an interest for the 'logo', you may ask the question mark right down, otherwise you may 'move on' : After two steps you get the main distributor:

2.1. Curriculum Vitae

We gathered it by the papers found in the early archive for the exhibition due to Wagenschein's Centenary in 1996. Since then we have not altered anything even after we got unexpected reactions about his time after 1933 which involved him to be a 'Nazi'. Thus a preface has been added.

2.2. Wera Wagenschein

You may not overestimate the mutual influence of both parts of that couple. Therefore she covers an important place in the archive. Here in Internet a first short notice had to be sufficient.

2.3. Reports on our activities

Besides two reports on our work, 1998 and 2006 (otherwise we have no time for reporting, only for working - but the 2006 report is illustrated by two pictures of our workplaces) there a gold mine can be explored:

2.3.3. Projects

there is the first item

Edition of the Darmstadt Protocols (Seminars 1985 to 1987)

The last group is still under preparation. (Sorry, but a translation of the discussions will not be suitable at all)

2.4. Publications by the Archive

Most of those are now obtainable easily by download. But for anything else: ask!

2.5. The Wagenschein Bibliography

That is one of the main subjects of this homepage (and our work in the archive). It is not only a stubborn enumeration of all we know about Wagenschein's publications (when and where and commonly published but in nearly every case the originals are stored by us). It is enhanced by a "Stichwortsuche" (Index) where to find something for a certain topic. Furthermore there are some facilities to obtain remarkable publications hardly to find elsewhere.

3. Editor's Corner.

Here you may read Klaus Kohl's opinion why and how he and Wagenschein became acquainted and in addition 11 papers by him, part of them being published elsewhere:
I never was a regular Wagenschein student, nevertheless I might have learned by him?

Klaus Kohl - in Summer 2014