(not "Preface", as this would be read at best afterwards, but here it might be useful for understanding the follwing)

This program is intended mainly for persons who (are obliged to) teach Informatics, but furthermore for all those -like you- who are sitting at a computer, wanting to know what there is happening inside.

Conditions: Utmost none! (With one exception: you should like thinking...!)

Therefore - forget your studies, your preparations and all knowledge!

But essential: Don't be frightened by computers and don't be horrified by technology!

By the way: The following text arose from the necessity to modernize my speech by the centenaire of Wagenschein's birth.


Indeed he offended the 'Computer' (at least its unrestrained (ab)use in school) but Teaching Understanding was his prevealing demand. Therefore I (Klaus Kohl) am trying to communicate my insight into the computer (long time ago I planned to build such a thing to my own).
And as soldering does no more belong to the abilities of modern mankind here I try to explain not by handsome experiments but by computer simulations.
Allright - The necessity of a computer to explain its function...
It's worth the discussion!

but continue