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The "Logo"

Wagenschein probably would have remarked: "Inevitable nowadays..."

Look at this picture - quite relaxed, don't remember school.
You recognize M and W? Or do you see W and W? Do you notice the A?
M - W means Martin Wagenschein, W - W means Wera Wagenschein and A is for Archive.
The names of both 'Wagenscheins' are joined in that Logo, as in the Archive is a heritage of both, by Martin as well as from Wera.
By the way it's the only place to have a studying look on Wera's work.

And now remember your childhood, playing with the compasses.
Look at the Logo again.
Would you recognize the "Hexagon"? Five triangles already are in the circle, will the sixth one really fit exactly into the gap? It is still outside...
Perhaps you know already Wagenschein's paper "Der Sechs-Stern" (The Hexagon), which he dedicated to Otto Friedrich Bollnow at his 65th anniversary
or you may read "Die Entdeckung der Axiomatik" [PDF], where this is explained in full detail.

We hope the Logo may give to you a first impression of the Wagenschein Archive's richness.