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Now we were both at the "Ecole" both teaching, both mathematics and physics, and by the way we were able to raise our two sons. That would have been nearly impossible with jobs in industry or in a public school. Furtheron we were in contact with Wagenschein - no, with both Wagenscheins, as they were friends with Edith Geheeb. From times of Odenwaldschule the Ecole had been a spiritual home for them.
"Modern Math" came to school, dutiful we absolved the "Funkkolleg", mastered the examens and put the question to us: "what benefit?" Also programmed instruction was 'in' at that time, Wagenschein's reaction was rather cool, when we asked him about that... He remained also rather cool, when I proudly showed him my self-developed physics equipment... (much electronics!).
But modern math raised an earlier idea in me: I could try to build a -very simple- computer for instruction. At these times computers had been unaffordable expensive, even the downsized models for instruction were out of reach and difficult to understand... And all the time before I went the way: electronical teaching aids? Do it yourself! At first it is much cheaper and for second by the way I learn for myself. Now, that computer never was finished, industry was always by a whisker or more in front. So I always changed my plans, from a mechanical way to transistors, to microprocessor, at last I stopped the self-construction completely, bought a ZX81 and learned BASIC. But I had learned a lot by it. A friend of mine from study times once told me: "That's it - paid hobby!" But to my feeling to ride a hobby belongs (or belonged) the way of educating here: I can stay personally and in spite of this concentrate the instruction on the point. We have enviable small classes, six kids as average.
To be allowed to educate the Wagenschein way and to perform it - that's it!

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