C. A Way to an adequate insight to the computer

An answer, just before you have put the question: Teaching aids and texts as helping hands or walking sticks by the way I will sketch now, are not on sale. Help yourself... Perhaps by the following simulations?
It is "offside" - you need a computer to enlighten its behavior...
Another hint: As for that typical computer program - the mouse pointer is frequently used. If it looks like that ("active"), press the left mouse-button to get the (commonly indicated) result - this will happen with such a blue underlined text or when a larger picture space can be "moused". If there is a smaller space of the picture to be "moused" it will be indicated below the picture.
Your new computer has neither mouse nor other tails?
No problem, a touchscreen will be rather sufficient, perhaps the picture should be zoomed.
And if your newest equipment only obeyes to "his master's voice"?
Your Fault!

But here is another very important hint to teachers: The now following text is "enhanced" by typical electric speech and symbols. It is rather certain, you must at least get them back and if not, preceedingly explained well and in details.. To do that here would overload the project to be drowned.
But one really comprehensive possibility to advanced studies is to be indicated here. Sorry, it is in German only and I wasn't able to find an English equivalent. Do you know one?
To Wagenschein the scrupulous answering to the fundamental question: "Was berechtigt uns, von einem elektrischen "Strom" zu sprechen?".[PDF] (What gives us the right to name it an electrical "current"?) - But sorry, until now there's no translation.
Very important to all teachers of Physics!

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