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Originally I studied "genuine" chemistry until my promotion at the Karlsruhe Technical Hochschule, but...
...I happened to meet a girl in the upper gym class, who had not only set up her mind to study at the Pedagogical Institute (P.I.) in Jugenheim (what a shock to me wanting to escape at last from my family's teacher dynasty) but shortly after she had arrived there she enroled to a lecture by the famous Prof. Wagenschein (WHAT?? As a beginner??). Nevertheless I looked what she was enthusiastic about (first homework: "Look at the moon!" - we absolved it together). So I came rather frequently to Jugenheim, obviously so regular that Wagenschein later remarked: "I did not know that he did not belong to my seminar." Well, thus all added together. When my wife married, she kept her maiden name (shocking at this time!), so she is still Hannelore Eisenhauer. And between diploma and promotion I came to the conclusion that it would not be my good life's task to squeeze the third whitening agent into a washing powder or something of that kind. To teach chemistry teachers the Wagenschein way, that would it be! But to add still another time of studying Pedagogics - I was fed up! "If you go to a Private School - you'll be taken by your professional qualification, you don't need pedagogics there." (No, this was not Wagenschein's suggestion!!). But my wife at this time had a one year's leave to the Ecole d'Humanité (this was Wagenschein's suggestion - he had forced it by the Hessian Ministery of Culture). So I sat on my moped and forced it from Karlsruhe to Goldern to look by the school and look how it would be possible to teach there. No, chemistry - no need for the moment. But physics - there is a real lack! Could I teach physics? Oh, why not? As I had heard the introducing bisemestral lecture in Karlsruhe the third time (at last with Prof. Buckel!) I got the feeling to have understood physics really. Fascinating had it been always to me.

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And how did that go on?